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Louisiana Makes Waves with Obamacare and Ultrasound Laws

Together, we’re making waves for LIFE.  In Ms. Magazine’s article entitled, “Louisiana Approves Wave of Anti-Abortion Legislation,” the pro-abortion journal begrudingly reports on significant life-affirming bills drafted by BDF that pro-life Governor Jindal signed into law this week: 

  – an Obamacare Opt-Out bill that recognizes abortion shouldn’t be subsidized with our tax-dollars (along with our report on a lawsuit that could find Obamacare unconstitutional); and

  – an Ultrasound Before Abortion bill  that empowers women to choose life.

Obamacare Abortion Coverage Opt-Out Act  (La. H.B. 1247)

Thanks to your support, BDF drafted and provided legal testimony on a new law that makes Louisiana the fourth state to opt-out of the tax-subsidized abortion coverage provided in the future Louisiana Obamacare Exchanges (IF Obamacare survives the court challenge discussed below).

Bioethics Defense Fund was the only legal organization providing on-the-ground drafting and legal expertise to the Governor’s staff and the bill author, Rep. Frank Hoffmann (R-West Monroe), who carried the bill through both committees and the House floor.  BDF also helped prepare Senator Gerald Long (R-Winnfield) to carry the bill on the Senate floor.  Both of these legislators are outstanding and articulate heroes for life.  Read more about the La. H.B. 1247 here.

 OBAMACARE COURT CHALLENGE:  The Obamacare health insurance exchanges are set to begin in 2014 IF they survive pending court challenges.  Bioethics Defense Fund will be keeping you posted on a case that we believe has a very strong foundation, Thomas More Law Center, et al. v. Obama, et al.  The judge has set a July 21, 2010 hearing in the Eastern District of Michigan to hear oral arguments on whether the individual mandate is unconstitutional.

 BDF will be representing the Catholic Medical Association in an amicus brief on appeal regarding the law’s improper mandate that citizens in states who have not opted-out must use their personal dollars to buy abortion coverage, whether they want that coverage or not.  Stay tuned.

Ultrasound Before Abortion Act  (La. S.B. 528)

Thanks again to your support, BDF drafted and provided legal testimony on a bill signed this week by Governor Jindal that empowers every woman seeking abortion with the same information the abortionist often denies to her — an obstetric ultrasound.  Angie Thomas of the Woman’s New Life Center testified in the Senate committee that abortion-minded women who have the opportunity to see the ultrasound of their unborn child choose life over 65 percent of the time.

At the request of the heroic bill sponsor, La. Senator Sharon Weston Broome (D-BR), BDF’s Dorinda Bordlee drafted an ultrasound bill that gives every woman two chances to choose life: 

1.  At least 24 hours before an abortion, the woman must receive from the abortion provider a list of places that offer FREE ULTRASOUND SERVICES.  This list will be compiled by the State’s Department of Health, and will include mainly pro-life pregnancy care centers.

2.  If the woman returns, the abortion provider must perform an ultrasound at least 2 hours before the abortion to determine fetal viability and issues related to the woman’s health. At that ultrasound, the woman must be read a script that gives her three options:

  – The option to view the ultrasound screen

 – The option to hear an explanation of the images

 – The option to get a print out of the image of her unborn child

 These options are offered by a script that the ultrasound tech must read to the woman in the examination room prior to the beginning of the ultrasound examination.  The abortionist will be subject to civil and criminal penalties if the woman is denied these options.
Read more about the BDF-drafted Ultrasound law .  Policymakers who are interested in passing this “window on the womb” law in their state can contact Dorinda Bordlee at


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