Reviving Obamacare and What Would Reagan Say?

February 22, 2010 at 12:24 AM Leave a comment

Note: The proposal released by President Obama today does not include actual legislative language. The below analysis is based on the current text of the Senate bill that the President is attempting to “supplement,” and the summaries of his proposals provided on the White House website. This information is provided by Bioethics Defense Fund for purposes of public education, and not for the passage or defeat of any particular legislation.

Hydra Healthcare:
Obama Seeks to Revive Pro-abortion Senate bill

February 22, 2010: published at NRO’s “Critical Conditionblog:
by Dorinda C. Bordlee, VP and Senior Counsel, Bioethics Defense Fund

The President’s proposal to revive and ‘build off of’ the 2,000-plus page Senate bill should be dubbed “Hydra Healthcare” because every time one of the many heads of this pro-abortion mega-bill gets lopped off, two more seem to grow back.

The President’s decision not to include the Stupak amendment in his proposal means that the current abortion-funding scheme remains in the Senate bill.

And here are just a couple of the many additional pro-life problems in the Senate bill that the President’s proposal leaves untouched:

Healthcare Rights of Conscience: The Stupak codification of the Hyde/Weldon conscience protection provision is not included, meaning that pro-life health care workers would not have the full protection of the law against discrimination or dismissal.

School-based Health Clinics and Abortion Referrals: The Senate bill says that abortions cannot be “performed” in school-based health clinics, but there is no language to prevent school clinics from referring our teens for abortion or even helping minors make arrangements to go across state lines to avoid parental-involvement laws.

The voice of Ronald Reagan seems to echo from beyond . . . “There you go again.”

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